Turkish Limbo

Time has been frozen for thousand of Syrian refugees running away from the war.  As The Turkish border remains close, a river of persons are struggling to survive at the other side of the border without any kind of facility while the echo of the terrific sound of the explosions whisper them that there is no scape as humanitarian crisis worsens across Syria. 

They have fled Aleppo and are desperately trying to enter Turkey – which says it is unable to absorb any more refugees.  Only ambulances and some special vehicles are allowed to cross the fence that divides Barb el Salam from Öncüpınar. They're trapped between Russian bombers and the currently closed Turkish border. They are forced whiteness of one of the biggest humanitarian crises since the war began in 2011. Syrian government forces have continued to tighten their grip around Aleppo province, as they push for ISIS. The offensive has led to the displacement of more than 70,000 civilians from Aleppo, tens of thousands of who have amassed in camps at the Turkish border.

At the beginning of the war in 2011 Turkey's adopted an Open Border' Policy With Syria. Each Syrian was allowed to cross the border and everybody received the Turkish aids with no exemptions. Unfortunately, the war´s recrudesce and its extension has modified The Turkish Open Border Policy after the siege of Kobani on September 2014

Thousands of Syrians remains in Limbo across the different refugees camp in Turkey. Turkey has clearly played a big role in helping the Syrians and they built up 5 star camps compared to those in other countries. Turkey provides comfort, cleanliness and impressive facilities. “Only 10% of Syrians (around 260.000) are leaving inside the Turkeys camp. They rest of refugees are living in the cities