Personal Statement

How could we define and demarcate the boundaries between documentary photography, visual storytelling and artistic photography when we are shooting from our heart? Life is personal: Photography is personal. We consume, we breathe, and we digest without reflection thousands of pictures everyday… Guttenberg ´s Galaxy has driven us into a lobotomized era of “tourism” on the other’s pain.  As a photographer, my aim is to generate an influx point of reflection.

Photography is not anymore just only a tiny window to show this tumultuous world. It’s a personal statement that It’s coming as a part of years of personal experiences: Its not only to strive your work on telling stories that remains untold in a personal way-poetic form, but to raise questions, using a particular aesthetic sensibility instead of giving stereotyped answers to bring the viewer’s attention to the focal point of this tragedy

Photography is a personal window to raise questions