War summer journal

SUMMER DIARY July 2018 in Ukraine

 It's a participatory photography project that aims to make visible the unseen and unheard childhood spirit´s during patriotic education

Why you are here; is it necessary to defend your country; why?; what are your dreams?Paint a symbolic drawing

Polaroid pictures, recycled notebook pages, patriotic flyers and children´s innocence. The aim is to create an artistic body of work with social content where kids are free to express themselves to develop a critical thinking on how war is hijacking education. 

Gas masks, trenches, grenades, patriotic, hatred anthems on loop and wooden guns…. Hundreds of children play war games while they are getting trained in military disciplines and in firing tactics… The armed conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists is entering its fifth year; the conflict is still festering and the need it of reinforce the sense of unity and patriotism has been injected into the veins of a new generation not only in the schools, dozens of clubs and summer camps has been promoted across both countries forming an integral part of a nation-wide initiative for the “military-patriotic education of the population”

Time for playing with toys is gone. Childhood in Ukraine and Donetsk is being eroded by the conflict and it has turned in another way to spread propaganda.