Pakistan Resilience

Pakistan sails adrift in a history, which it did not choose.  It walks among both shadows and hopes. Marked by chronic corruption, a lack of energy, ethnic religious violence, and an unsalvageable social gap, Pakistan still breathes strength, with a determination to succeed, even while walking along the edge of the cliff. It looks out, doubts, and staggers along, all while remaining at a safe distance.  Since its bloody creation in 1947, Pakistan has been shaken by constant military regimes, waves of violence, the most strict and dogmatic interpretation of Islam, and devastating natural disasters.

During the last decade, Pakistan has seen an escalation of instability, insecurity, and political violence all throughout the country as a result of Pakistan’s role as a “frontline state” in the Global War on Terror… As a result, thousands of people are missing, have been tortured, displaced, or killed by drone attacks.

Pakistan walks in darkness. It takes a deep breath and remains firm, accomplishing extraordinary feats in an effort to change things for the better.  They resist the advances of this hurricane, while never looking away from the abyss. The have subconsciously carved in their memory the need to continue the legacy of Sisyphus, carrying their sin on their own shoulders, never able to rid themselves of it as they attempt to leave the cave, a cave that is engraved with the fire and blood of their rulers, dictators and international partners. But there remains a determination, forged from the devastation, from the loss, and from having no hope for tomorrow.  In spite of the storm, people resist and stoically await a future that can yet exist.