• MeMo Masterclass

    Documentary photographers and videographers from around the world are invited to join the first MeMo Masterclass

    Deadline to apply 31th August 2016

    MeMo Masterclass is a six month mentorship program with the aim to develop personal projects in photojournalism and videodocumentary in all stages from the concept to promotion, led by the award-winning photographers of MeMo: Manu Brabo, Fabio Bucciarelli, José Colón, Diego Ibarra Sánchez and Guillem Valle. The Masterclass will explore the tension between truth and interpretation, the personal vision of the storytelling process, the strategies for creating effective visual stories, the overview of those elements needed to produce a documentary photo and video project.

    What it is about

    The MeMo mentorship program will focus on photojournalism and videojournalism and their evolution as visual languages in order to improve the personal view and style of each student and to provide the necessary skills for high quality documentary projects. Through the experience of the five photographers of MeMo, in addition to the study of photography techniques each participant will be guided in all stages of the production of a reportage: starting with the development of the concept, the documentation and the organization of what is needed to work on the field, techniques of working in sensitive contexts and the final stages of editing, post production and distribution of the work.

    Mentorship Program

    MeMo Masterclass is a six months mentorship with the five MeMo authors, open to 20 photographers and 5 videographers from around the world. Once the participants have been selected, MeMo authors will mentor the students in five groups of six people composed according to different backgrounds, styles and visual languages. In this way MeMo will be able to guarantee the best supervision and professional growth for its students.

    Mentorship Grant

    We are glad to announce that five free scholarships will be provided to talented freelancers photographers/videographer who are living in conflict areas. MeMo will provide streaming access for the Masterclass traineeship in Turin and Barcelona in addition to online tutoring. To apply for the Mentorship Grant please specify in the motivation letter your work in your home country.


    The MeMo Masterclass is organized in three stages:
    - The First stage takes place from November 2nd to November 4th 2016 at the MeMo Factory in Turin, Italy. In this phase under the guidance of the five MeMo authors, the participating photographers and videographers will discuss the ethical and visual aspects of their work, as well as their role as photographers. All the trainees attending the first stage of the Masterlcass will be hosted at the MeMo headquarters. MeMo Photographers (Manu Brabo, Fabio Bucciarelli, Jose Colon, Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Guillem Valle) will review all the trainee’s work before starting the tutoring process. After the first day, the participants will be divided into five groups by the MeMo tutor and they will start focusing on their own projects. The five mentorships will be different depending on the MeMo tutor.
    -The Second stage takes place between December 2016 and April 2017. In this stage, the selected photographers and videographers will be followed by their tutors in order to monitor the development of the project. During the six months mentorship’s program, MeMo tutors will follow and edit (through Skype) the work in progress of the selected photographers. The mentorship’s program has been scheduled with the selected participants in the first stage of the Masterclass.
    - The Third stage takes place in May 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The last stage of the Masterclass will be focused on the editing, postproduction and printing techniques. The selected photographers and videographers will work with their tutors on the final edit of their projects. The last day of the workshop will be dedicated to a special session with the Addretouch laboratory who will focus on post production and printing techniques, moreover the participants will have the opportunity to print three pictures of their work. The last day will end with the public presentation in Barcelona of the works produced during the Masterclass.

    How to apply

    Send a zip folder via WETRANSFER to with: – A Bio and CV submitted as a PDF – no more than 2 pages - (lastname_firstname.pdf). Remember to include your personal details, mail and website – Photo portfolio: Applicants must submit one or two projects with up to 30 images in total, representing the candidate’s vision and his or her ability to execute the project commissioned during the Masterclass. The images must conform to the following specifications: JPEG files with 3000 pixels on the long size, 72 dpi. Files names must include a sequence number starting with 01 (lastname_firstname_01.jpg) or Video portfolio: A max. of 3 minutes .mov video in HD 720. It can be a teaser, a short story or in case of non previous experience in video, the applicant might send a max. 2 background, personal abilities and qualities that will differ you from the other candidates. Its baseline should emphasize you goals and prospects about your future career. (lastname_firstname_motivationletter.pdf) All applicants should send all the required files (Bio and CV, Photo or Video Portfolio and Motivation Letter) in a zip file through wetransfer to
    Applicants should send their proposals before midnight (Central Europe Time) August 31, 2016. MeMo photographers will start the selection process on the 1st of September and the official list of the participants will be public announced the 15th of September. The selected photographers and videographers will have 2 weeks to accept the MeMo Masterclass participation. After this week our team will select another participant.
    The fee to attend the six months’ MeMo Masterclass is 1000 €, payable through Paypal or bank transfer. Once selected, the applicants will have two weeks to pay the Masterclass fee.
    For further information please contact Domenico Camarda to:
    You can download the MeMo Masterclass pdf Here