• RISC Training

    MeMo is thrilled to announce the new partnership with RISC Training. We’ll host the four’s day training at our new headquarter in Turin from the 26th to the 29th of July

    RISC  was founded after the death of photojournalist Tim Hetherington in 2011. Hetherington died from wounds he sustained in a mortar attack while covering the war in Libya, because none of the journalists around him knew how to stop the bleeding from his wounds to save his life.

    This terrible episode has prompted to start a medical training program for freelancer journalists so that the next tragedy can be averted. The course lasts three days and covers basic procedures for saving someone’s life on the battlefield: clearing air passageways, stopping or slowing bleeding from wounds, stopping air leakage into the chest cavity from a chest wound and transporting the injured person to a medical facility. Each graduate receives a combat medical kit with our RISC logo on the side and is expected to keep it on their person at all times while in a war zone.

    RISC until now has held 11 courses in New York, London, Kosovo, Ukraine and Kenya , training 264 freelance journalists in these skills.

    for more info check RISC website