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    Me-Mo is an initiative that aims at setting trends. It is not only a response to the current situation of photojournalism but a natural evolution within the profession. 

    Technology and journalism have not yet come into accordance on depth and rigour. Saturated with information broadcasted in real time, we are drowning in data that has no meaning or context. Whilst the demand for news increases, conditions are trickier and the work more competitive within the profession. The Me-Mo platform uses technology to present a unique opportunity for dialogue between professionals and readers, establishing a much needed link between the media and its consumers. 

    Me-Mo strives to create a shared platform for a human community where thought, respect and commitment to storytelling is valued. Me-Mo will use digital media in favour of a more complete journalistic report, highlighting the necessity to change the current state of immediacy and fast news delivered through technology. Me-Mo aims for quality, not quantity, in media’s thoroughness of information. 

    Supporting fellow freelancers to voice their dedicated stories which might not fit mainstream news outlets, Me-Mo is made by freelancers and for freelancers. We wish to give journalism the respect and importance it once had, as the voice of the unheard and telling the stories in historical context. 

    The Me-Mo website content will be a platform of exchange. Forming a community of photojournalist enthusiasts where professionals can communicate with their readers. A place where the reader can interact with Me-Mo by suggesting topics, sharing part of the stories or voting the annual monographic theme. This is a living space, adapting and evolving in an attempt to bring more voices and participation to Me-Mo’s cause, and giving visibility to the issues at hand. 

    Thus, we create the Me-Mo community.