• Me-Mo

    Pushing the limits of visual storytelling

    Me-Mo was created by a group of committed photojournalists and talented developers. Together they strongly believe that photography must push alongside new technologies in order to take a leading role in the development of storytelling in the digital era.

    With the strength of a digital application and high quality reports, Me-Mo produces a transmedia narrative magazine by combining audio, video, text and animation to reinforce the universal language of photojournalism, bringing important stories from across the globe to bigger audiences.

    New technologies have broadened the impact of photography worldwide. Yet the immediacy that technology can provide has often played a negative role in regards to the quality of the journalistic information at hand. Me-Mo is different in approach as it uses technology to form new ways of storytelling and involving the reader in the experience.

    Through this immersive technique of creating a virtual version of the story, the viewer is afforded unprecedented access to the sights and sounds, and even feelings and emotions, which accompany the news.

    An essential feature of the magazine’s interactivity is that it is mutual: user and machine each take an active role; with Me-Mo the viewers will not only learn, but experience and question the information provided in the articles.

    Photography and technology always made history hand in hand, in a bid to democratise images. A window to the world, photography depicts a collective social portrait.

    Photography’s ability to accurately reproduce external reality, lending a documentary character and bringing up the process of reproduction as the most faithful, the most impartial of social life. The impact of photography lies in its transformative power to portray multiple world visions in an instant

    What is Me-Mo?

    Like a modern fairy-tale, Me-Mo was born through digital resources, in it’s quest to conquer the heart and minds of this material age, and make the world a better place.

    Me-Mo Magazine was initially sponsored financially through a crowdfunding campaign.
    We used Indigogo with a 15.000
    aim and we received 22.058 reaching 143% of our goal and becoming one of the most successful Indigogo campaigns in the category of Photography.

    Editorial line

    Me-Mo is a documentary photography magazine publishing long-term projects and in-depth stories focused on social issues, conflict and humanitarian disasters. Dedicated to creating sustainable photography projects which narrate international histories whilst reaching out to the widest audience possible.

    Me-Mo magazine will be published quarterly and in English, Spanish and Italian.
    The tone and direction of the publication’s editorial policy lies in the team’s quarterly meetings when

    reviewing news and opinion trends in relation to the submitted works.

    Me-Mo is a democratic platform where all stories pitched to us will be heard. Each issue will have a conceptual theme selected by the Me-Mo team, in relation to current affairs and world events. The strongest freelance works submitted to Me-Mo will be paid for and published.

    Me-Mo aims at pioneering in high quality journalism, with state of the art technology. The focus of the content is photography, however, videos, audio, maps, infographics and text of quality will also be key features of the publication.

    The material which will be published is based on the following criteria;

    High quality story telling
    Long-term projects
    Independent journalism
    Strong aesthetic standards, Intellectual and narrative approaches

    World-renowned journalists will collaborate with us by providing insights and editorials on every issue. We will include a guest writer for each editorial in our bid to reach out to other professionals working on similar themes. Also, as a tribute to our teachers and mentors, we wish to give a veteran photographer the carte blanche to animate a page in each issue to his own liking.

    The concept: digital innovation in photojournalism

    The concept of Me-Mo is based on an unique approach to photojournalism and documentary photography. By using all the possibilities that technology has to offer Me-Mo has been created as a platform for a new experience within digital media. The concept of Me-Mo is within an evolving medium, as well as building community, therefore, constantly adapting to the realities around us.

    Keeping in with the times, yet testing the boundaries.

    The approach of Me-Mo is based on traditional ways of working in dedicated journalism, with a twist of state of the art technology. Me-Mo challenges the norm by involving the viewer in an interactive and more immersive experience, allowing them to be more critical of the news they are reading. Creating unique content that will engage the audience in their daily lives.

    Me-Mo Magazine is a photographic platform that will use the interactivity that this new technology offers in order to enhance the message of the author. When it comes to the stories we are looking for, long-term projects are our priority. In a way, photography is the soul of Me-Mo and interactivity is its body.

    Guillem Valle, Me-Mo co-founder, during an interview for Leica Fotografie International, October 17th, 2014.

    Me-Mo featured reportages oblige the author to think and work in a more comprehensive and challenging manner. Pushing the boundaries of technology and questioning the current approach to digital news, Me-Mo aims at moving away from the frenzy of mass media and the influx of images to focus on long-term and in-depth projects. Telling the story with high quality journalism takes time and dedication.

    “We’re young, but we come with another generation’s ideas about photojournalism,” Mr. Colón said. “It’s about depth, commitment, honesty and independence. That has not been abandoned yet. Before, you did not have to send a picture in 10 minutes. Sometimes it took months for the negatives to arrive. Immediacy is not for me.”

    Jose Colon, Me-Mo co-founder, during an interview for The New York Times, July 9th, 2014

    As freelancers, journalists are able to pursue the stories they connect with as they do not have the constraints of time or pushing certain editorial lines, and there is no need for self censorship so to fit inwith mainstream media. The public is aware of these factors within journalism, and with an increase in digital media, people engage with their online choices to build their own news judgement.


    Me-Mo is an initiative that aims at setting trends. It is not only a response to the current situation of photojournalism but a natural evolution within the profession.

    Technology and journalism have not yet come into accordance on depth and rigour. Saturated with information broadcasted in real time, we are drowning in data that has no meaning or context. Whilst the demand for news increases, conditions are trickier and the work more competitive within the profession. The Me-Mo platform uses technology to present a unique opportunity for dialogue between professionals and readers, establishing a much needed link between the media and its consumers.

    Me-Mo strives to create a shared platform for a human community where thought, respect and commitment to storytelling is valued. Me-Mo will use digital media in favour of a more complete journalistic report, highlighting the necessity to change the current state of immediacy and fast news delivered through technology. Me-Mo aims for quality, not quantity, in media’s thoroughness of information.

    Supporting fellow freelancers to voice their dedicated stories which might not fit mainstream news outlets, Me-Mo is made by freelancers and for freelancers. We wish to give journalism the respect and importance it once had, as the voice of the unheard and telling the stories in historical context.

    The Me-Mo website content will be a platform of exchange. Forming a community of photojournalist enthusiasts where professionals can communicate with their readers. A place where the reader can interact with Me-Mo by suggesting topics, sharing part of the stories or voting the annual monographic theme. This is a living space, adapting and evolving in an attempt to bring more voices and participation to Me-Mo’s cause, and giving visibility to the issues at hand.

    Thus, we create the Me-Mo community.