Lebanon Smiles Again

The power of "the red nose" has reached Lebanon by the hands of the Catalan NGO "Payasos sin Fronteras" . One goal, one purpose: to return the innocence, hope and smiles to thousands of children living under social exclusion, war trauma and the difficult conditions in refugee camps.

They use laughter, humor and dynamic relationship with performing arts to improve the condition of life for children and communities living in crises. Lebanon doesn’t have legislation or administrative procedures in place to address the specific needs of refugees and asylum-seekers, who are vulnerable to detention and deportation for illegal entry or stay. Lebanon has a large population of stateless people.

A huge patent leather shoes, red and green, lit by a timid ray of light entering the auditorium. Preparations are ready. "Denguito" (Albert Grau) with his humor, "Peshosho" (Moi Queralt) with his musical talent; "Birutilla" (Christian Olive) with his juggling and "Fufur" (Oriol Linan) with his magic tricks.

The show must go on.

This photo essay was taken for CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS in Lebanon on 2012 and it´s part of a book that marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of the NGO.