Education under attack

“Education is the movement from darkness to light”, Allan Bloom

 Is education a right or a privilege?

Destroyed schools, murdered teachers, threats, a lack of access to education, intolerance, and hate are crippling the education system in Pakistan as schools are increasingly targeted by violence. More than one thousand schools in the region have been attacked since 2009. Thousands of children have been deprived of an education as a result. There have been almost 10,000 violent attacks on places of education in recent years in all over the world. These include the murder of teachers and students. 

The Pakistani Taliban's violent campaign to stop girls from getting an education was put back in the spotlight when gunmen in the Swat Valley attacked MALALA Yousafzai, a schoolgirl education activist. The attack was just one small piece of a long campaign against the country's education system.

Pakistan has become one of the countries with the highest level of illiteracy in the world. In the meantime, the U.S. has released more than $1.6 billion to Pakistan in military and economic aid in October 2013 even though Pakistan is already the world’s No. 6 nuclear military power.

In light of the weak response of the Pakistani government to rectify the situation, which denies the right to education to thousands of Pakistani boys and girls, the legacy of Malala could establish the basis for a change. But Pakistan is going to need the courage of many “Malalas” to ensure that education is a right and not let it be an impossible challenge for the thousands of girls and boys who want to study. The government has promised to start carrying out reform of the education system, but the high levels of corruption and violence are restraining the good intentions of a government shaken by their own instability.