About me

Diego Ibarra Sánchez, 1982, Spain

Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Co-founder of MeMo, is a documentary photographer based in Lebanon.

Diego understands photography as a way to be engaged with our world, in such a way that it raises awareness and critical thinking. He strongly believes in documentary photography as a catalyst, shaking consciences and showing the resilience and courage found in forgotten stories, always demonstrating a deep respect toward the story’s protagonist. Diego is very self-motivated, working on his own body of works while publishing many of his stories in numerous newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera and Diari ARA among others.

In 2006 several grants made it possible for Diego to spend a year in South America to improve his storytelling process. Upon returning to Spain he worked for two years for the Catalan newspaper Avui, while still continuing his own photography projects. In 2009 Diego decided to move to Pakistan where he developed a strong visual body of work focused on Pakistan. At the same time he continued travelling to several other countries including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Libya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

He left Pakistan in 2014 and he is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon.

For the past years, he has documented how violent conflict, fear, porous borders and suspicion — factors preventing polio eradication — have made vaccinating children difficult in recent years.